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Decentralized P2P file-sharing on Ethereum, BSC, and xDai

Other platforms: Windows, MacOS

An open-source file-sharing protocol
built for everyone

Upfire is a 100% decentralized protocol for secure P2P file-sharing, where users can earn crypto by seeding files – leveraging Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and xDai to maximize earnings and minimize fees.




DeFi + P2P

The Product

Built for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, Upfire is a dapp (decentralized application) that encrypts and distributes files between peers over a decentralized network. Users earn ETH or BNB every time a seeded file is downloaded and decrypted by others.


Create Upfire files by uploading your files to the application and set a file price, denominated in ETH or BNB

Our features

Free Seeding

Upfire builds on the already robust torrenting ecosystem, allowing users to engage in free seeding and downloading just like a standard torrenting platforms.

Paid Seeding

For original content, rare files, or simply to cover seeding costs, users can put an ETH price on a file. Other users must pay that price in order to decrypt and gain access to the file.


Users can stake their UPR and earn a percentage cut of all transactions that take place on the Upfire network.

Layer-2 Speeds with xDai

Blazing fast speeds and near-free transactions- xDai allows users to bypass Ethereum's fees and transact for 1/1000 of the cost.

ETH Micropayments

Use your ETH to pay desired files on the network, and set prices for your own files as high or low as you want.


The community will retain 100% control of Upfire, and be able to pass proposals, acquire funding from the treasury, and more.

Roadmap Timeline

See what's coming. Upfire is open source, and anyone can contribute.

Paid Seeding & BNB/ETH Payments

Rather than using an ERC20 token, Upfire will utilize BNB/ETH as its primary method of fueling the paid seeding aspect of the dapp.

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Other platforms: Windows, MacOS